Real Estate Training FAQ – Getting Listed Properties Sold

Hi all,
I’ve been getting requests on all sorts of subjects lately from a bunch of agents and some of the questions are starting to double up, so I thought I’d start the Real Estate Training FAQ by Glenn Twiddle.

I’ll post a bunch of short, sharp training sessions to your most pressing questions and hopefully earn you a few commissions with minimal investment on your part, just a few minutes of your time. So stay tuned for future FAQ’s on our favourite subjects.

This first one is on how to get properties sold once they’re listed in a tighter market than you are used to.

I’ve got even a few of my superstar coaching clients having to pull out all the stops to get properties sold, but that’s the point. You need the tools in your arsenal now more than ever, so here’s a starter for you.

Also, here’s a copy of my latest newsletter to consider…

Glenn Twiddle

Training Newsletter


‘Where are the buyers?’

by Glenn Twiddle


Recently some of the teams have been saying there are no buyers out there.  Well I understand they may not be stamping down your door, cheque books in hand ready to buy, but if you market effectively, with a compelling offer, they are everywhere, and here’s proof.

One of my clients had a property that was getting close to his guarantee time, meaning if the property didn’t sell the next day, he’d have to sell it for free. Ok, no problem if it did expire, but hey, he’s a good client so I sent out an email to my old, expired database from up to 7 years ago, that has been untouched since getting into real estate training, so suffice to say, it was bordering on worthless in my mind.

So I threw out the following message to the list

Owner demands contract in 24 hours !!

Hey [first name],

I know, I know, two emails in a week when I haven’t touched base with you in years. Well this one demanded urgent attention, so I apologise, but hey, there’s a delete button if it’s of no interest, but it should be. A dirt cheap property, has just had $30,000 knocked off the list price because these sellers DEMAND a sale TOMORROW.

That’s why this couldn’t wait until business hours even. 24 hours from now, the bargain of the decade will be gone.

Now, it’s in Dalby, is on 959m2 of land and would rent, so the property manager tells me, conservatively for $250 quickly.

Given the expected development going on in Dalby, I felt it irresponsible for me not to let you know about this bargain (that I would have bought myself if I didn’t just buy a business and an investment property in Gympie).

So, call Pete directly, because emailing will be too late, (even right now if you can, I told him to keep his phone on).

His number is xxxxxxxxxxx and it’s XXX XXXX.


Now this email was hardly given any consideration, I just threw it out there and it got a dozen responses. Imagine if I’d have actually taken a minute to write a decent one, according to the formulae of skilful copywriting.

The fact is the buyers are out there, they are just demanding more value, and won’t act without urgency. Now in some cases the urgency is because their own situation demands it, but you see in this case, the urgency was instilled by me, and ended up getting about a dozen responses between 6pm when the email went out and 9am the next morning.

So you want to somehow find a reason that your buyers should call you, and quickly, and not just think that just because your sellers have graced the with their property that buyers are going to line up like a teenager waiting for the next release of an ipod/pad outside the apple store.

Until next month, keep rocking….


PS – Oh yeah, check out the blog for a series of Frequently Asked Questions…submit your Q’s there as well.

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  1. Tracey

    Howdy Glenn,

    Thank you for the article and the sample letter… I’ve got a goal to contact 200 agents this week, (I’m cool with rejection haha).

    I only want to build relationships with the top agent (or the one who wants to be the top agent) in each area so I can make them look better… Aahhha! ‘Look better, sell faster, list more’ – that’s my goal for ‘my’ top agents.

    Thanks for the writing epiphany!

    Until next time,
    0401 312 323

  2. Jacqueline Le Ray

    Hi Glenn,
    I have a question for you, what advise would you give to an agent JUST stating out, besides being honest and ethical.

  3. Glenn Twiddle

    Goodness JAcqui, haha, the biggest question asked ever, and certainly can’t be answered in one blog comment, but here’s a few video trainings that partially go to answer the MASSIVE question.

    1 – A video training webinar I just did for my coaching clients

    2 – If I was only allowed to train one thing to improve a real estate agent’s business this would be it.

    3 – Watch the rest of video FAQ’s

    All free stuff, enjoy and make a difference !!!

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