Ultimate Pre-Listing Kit for Real Estate Agents

Well, I can’t give you the whole thing, because some of it just HAS to stay with my coaching clients (I mean they do have to have some things exclusively for the dollars they pay) but I do give a lot of tips away, so here’s another one.

If your pre-listing kit is a boring brochure with some pictures of ads and a profile flyer saying, ‘_____ has the highest degree of customer service and will strive to exceed your highest expectations of standards blah blah blah’you know what your sellers are hearing???


Frankly the community has heard this bunch of self written crud so often it is invisible to them. So here’s a cool element you might want to consider adding to your Ultimate Real Estate Agent Pre-Listing Kit.

Notice the content is tailored to the ‘Points of Difference’ or ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ of Chris in the video. My questions are completely set up to focus on his strengths. (we did 6 or so of these interviews, this is just one of them)

And the ‘interview’ positioning also lends itself to raising his credibility in the eyes of the viewer, ie his seller. Chris has a series of these, but this will give you an idea of one element to include in your pre-listing kit.

And let me know what you think below in the comments section…..

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