Tony Abbott and Coalition caught Red handed using Subliminal Hypnotic Selling

This campaign is certainly seeing the parties pulling out all the stops. Recent advertising by the LNP has been identified as containing subliminal messages that are designed to have the public voting for them without them even knowing why.

The recent article on my Hypnotic Selling on A Current Affair polarised public opinion when it was revealed some Real Estate agents trained by me, using these techniques. I said recently in a Press Release, ‘I wonder how the public would feel about their politicians using them?’

Some fo the techniques I have seen Politicians using, that appear to be attempting to coerce the unconscious minds of the public I will reveal here –
(Of course, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is no stranger to these teaching. Mr Twiddle strongly suspects the victory of the ‘Kevin 07’ campaign contained several techniques of what is known as ‘anchoring’ negative emotions to the Howard Government with specific techniques that seemed to be done, very much deliberately, and with full intent.)

In my opinion, it seems to me, that the current opposition, led by Tony Abbot, are using a technique called ‘phonetic ambiguity’  and you can see in plain sight that they are using subliminal communication to influence you to vote their way, and is it little wonder that only a month ago, you’d have thought Tony Abbot had no chance of winning this election, and now, he looks like he just might.’

Some techniques that are being used by our leaders in this (and the last) election –

–          Phoetic Ambiguity – the catch phrase ‘Real Action’ is a phonetic ambiguity of the word ‘re-election’ , ‘With the Coalition (or whatever team member we are plugging’ you get real action. It’s brilliant, yet totally obvious at least to me. The unconscious must process the sentence and interpret both meanings, whereas the conscious mind is oblivious to the multiple levels of linguistic trickery going on here.

If I said the word ‘cheap’ in whatever context, your unconscious has to decide and try on all the meanings of the word cheap, like does he mean inexpensive or the sound a bird makes, before your conscious mind gets the meaning served up to it. Like if I said to you after an advertisement – ‘Bye now’, your unconscious has to decide, at an unconscious level, if I meant a farewell, or a command to ‘Buy Now !!’ and the command is felt by the unconscious mind, even if you meant it as a farewell.

–          Anchoring :- Using negative emotions and using visual triggers and linking them to the then Howard Government and was used brilliantly by Kevin Rudd in the ‘Kevin 07’ campaign.

Remember he used to hold up the visual symbol of an open hand, every time he referred to the ‘five times’ the then Howard Government allowed interest rates to be raised etc. This gave him a very powerful visual symbol he could use whenever talking about his opposition, as we now had  negative emotions anchored to his visual symbol.

And these are just the obvious ones I’ve seen in a passing glance. I wonder with further study can we find more?

If this subject is of interest, email me as I don’t have a specific training course in a product form, but I do have the recordings of a 2 day event I did with master hypnotist David KEnnedy and myself called ‘Advanced Hypnotic Selling’ but email me if this is of any interest.

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