The Secret’s Secret – (or at least my opinion….) Skeptico vs Joe Vitale, Deepak Chopra et al

There has been much debate over the value or otherwise about ‘The Secret’ and ‘What the Bleep do we know…’

I have just spent a few hours reading the blog of a very interesting guy (pen)named Skeptico. I certainly was entertained and enlightened.

The Secret makes many claims that I choose not to have as a part of my life. One of the concepts it marks as a ‘LAW’ like if you think about something with a certain amount of concentration, belief, intensity or whatever that it will come into fruition. If that was the case, Charlize Theron would have knocked on my front door many years ago.

However, I’m not going to say these people are 100% wrong. I’m going to just not have it as part of my belief structure at this time, so for me, the Law of Attraction is a little different to a Law of science, like gravity. I’m simply going to admit that many beliefs I used to have are no longer relevant for me, and I understand that my current beliefs may be different at some indeterminate time in the future.

One thing I certainly do believe, and as a hypnotist I have seen evidence of thousands of times, is our unconscious mind, however one wants to define that part of who we are, is a powerful part of our decision making processes. And these unconscious decisions and reactions, end up creating our reality. And I don’t mean that on a Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics level, because aside from a brief understanding of it, I am ill-informed to comment. Check out Skeptico‘s blog, because he seems to be the informed one on these matters, certainly more than me, or many of his detractors, who seem to do nothing more than just say ‘closed minded’ and run when asked to discuss things logically.

So on a real world level, if you think day and night, and focus on nothing but a BMW for example, it is my opinion that the universe won’t necessarily deliver one to you, but that you will, or may change at an unconscious level to attract yourself to BMW’s and opportunities regarding BMW’s and doing what it takes to get a BMW and so on.

But that being said, I’m not going to say they are 100% necessarily wrong. I liken it to this example. The art of ‘Cold Reading’ made popular by John Edward and James DuPrague (not sure of the exact spellings of these guys names) claims to talk with spirits passed away. Dead people…(God it’s my blog and I’m worried about being politically correct, haha.)

I can do what they do. By using generalisations, universal truths, observing unconscious cues given to me by the subject, close observation, etc, I can do what they claim to do, and I am NOT talking to a spirit. But I am not saying that I GUARANTEE John Edward isn’t. I am simply saying that I can do what he does, and I don’t speak with the dead.

As with the Secret, I can change me, and my unconscious. I can assist people, through hypnosis, to change theirs, but I don’t believe we change the rest of the universe, I believe we change our beliefs and attract ourselves to whatever part of the universe (hopefully Charlize) that we focus on.

Thanks to Skeptico(click his name for his blog) for the other side of the argument. I have been a student of many of Joe Vitale’s teachings for some time now and have gained enormous value from him as a marketer, and will be forever grateful. (I’m sure he’s grateful for my few instances of a few bucks, so we’ll call it even). But I just can’t swallow what I now know as ‘Woo’ and am glad to continue to learn and have fun along the way.

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