Look what I just got sent in the email….unbelievable

As a Real Estate Trainer I have the best job in the world. I’m currently hanging out with, and seeing the emergence of, one of the names who is the future of real estate down on the gold coast.

He just sent me this…..Tell me you’d want him as a competitor?

Hey bud,

There are three quotes I live by and tell myself everyday. They are:

“Don’t think, just do” – I use to find myself thinking myself OUT of nearly everything I did and therefore got nothing out of life. Now I get an idea, think for 2 seconds if it is stupid or not, then just do it!

“Get better, or someone else will” – Something everyone must do! Take Gilmour for example. If you compare Gilmour version 2010 to Gilmour version 2012, the 2012 would SMASH him! Just like the 2015 version will SMASH the 2012 Gilmour! How do we all not know that there isn’t someone else out there isn’t training to drop the equivalent version of ourselves in 5 years time into our market TODAY? We don’t! So constantly get better otherwise you could be in the Centrelink line pretty fast…

“Never ‘please’ a client” – This may sound weird so let me explain. I heard John McGrath talk about it this once, too often do agents go to a client with a plan of action (price reduction, marketing etc) to get their property sold and then during that meeting something changes and they begin to feel sorry for them for whatever reason and just end up saying ‘OK, I really feel for you, let’s just leave the price where it is and just see what happens over the next week, hopefully a buyer will come along’. WHAT?!?!?! Of course this is what the seller wants to hear however does it help? HELL NO! However we as agents get this idea that we must always please our clients. Why is this? Last time I checked, we get paid for a result, not to please and pray on hope. And here is what I don’t understand, it’s kind of a wood-for-the-trees type moment and the shock horror part of it that 90% of agents fail to see, if you do want to please then the greatest thing you can ever do to please a client is …(wait for it)… GET A RESULT!!!

Sorry if I rambled mate, but use whatever you want or just delete the email!

Kind Regards

Simon Finlayson │Sales Professional

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