Real Estate Agent Caloundra

I am doing a test site in my home suburb of Caloundra with a very unique  ‘real estate agent’ site.

Yup, the #1 term on google, after just a week, for the term ‘real estate agent caloundra‘ is ME. (and I’m not even a real estate agent anymore)

That being said, when the residents of Caloundra who DESPERATELY need a decent agent contact me through this test site I will be sure to steer them in the direction of someone good, and running a mile from many of the agents up here. (seriously, one didn’t get out of the car at an advertised ‘Open House’….and the tenant was sitting on the verandah, smoking, and greeting the guests. )

Interesting exercise and if I can help a person or tweo in the process, all the better.


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  1. Brenda K

    I’ll self myself here, never need for agents. Nowadays. Thanks anyway


    How long were you an agent?
    Were you also licensed or a sales rep?

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