Watch this – and decide

If you’re ready to ‘Unleash Hell’ on your competition and haven’t grabbed a ticket yet, time to do it !!

Inspired by Al PAcino’s motivational ‘Any Given Sunday’ speech and shows how whether it’s real estate, football, life, whatever, that success is always the same.

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    1. Glenn Twiddle

      thanks Kevin,

      An honour to have you with us again mate. Your segment will be a highlight as always mate. Agents who are still smashing it in a market whee very few are. A real win for the guests who come and join us !!

  1. Graham Green

    Good Stuff again Glenn.
    I have been told that you should always strive to go the extra mile because most of the time it doesn’t cost and when you get there it is not crowded. Chris Gilmour is a prime example of this, constantly looking at his business and asking how can he do this aspect better. The beauty of Chris’s business is that he not only thinks this but he implements and maintains the consistency of those ideas. Thought + Action = Results. Looking forward to QREAS any agent NOT coming to this is unconsciously planning their exit from this game.
    Have a great evening. Graham.

  2. Phil Taylor

    Great vid Glenn! Kicking myself for not being able to come to QRES – Still listening to these CD’s that you sent me at the begining of the year! Each one of them worth GOLD!!!

  3. Mark Noble

    Glenn, these promos are torture. Not because of the quality…..but besause circumstances have conspired to prevent me from coming up for QREAS. I will be with you in spirit though. I look forward to hearing all about it.

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