Real Estate Trainer Aaron Shiner speaks….

I am literally floored.

You know this industry has a reputation of being populated by people who will sell their soul or do anything to get a deal, and I want to pay complete and utter homage to a young man who is the polar opposite of that reputation.

See here’s why, while I consider Aaron Shiner a mate, I mean think about it, he’s a speaker, trainer, coach and marketer of services to help real estate agents, the same as I am. And look at what he just sent me (click the video below)

Really think about this, when was the last time you got on camera, and said to YOUR market, that your competitor has a great product and you should go and check it out?

Well that’s what I just got sent from Aaron Shiner. Aaron, you a a class act mate, very few would have such an abundant mindset mate. I hope the people on my list see this for just how selfless an act it truly was.


here’s the vid……

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