Pat Mesiti – Mr Motivation

I just received my monthly CD from Pat Mesiti, and this month is a ripper. Pat often in his Millionaire Mindset Club interviews people like Brian Tracy, Justin Herald, Jim Rohn, and many other absolute gurus from the world of profeesional excellence training. This month was simply Pat talking about success strategies and I must say that despite how much I enjoyed the authors, speakers and the like that Pat gets on his series, I really liked this one as it was just my mate, Pat Mesiti, at his best doing what he does best; educate, motivate and inspire.

Do yourself a favour, join up his Millionaire Mindset Club, at (see if you can find the back issues of the club too, maybe you’ll get a discount) and tell Pat Glenn Twiddle sent you. haha.

Have fun while working hard,


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