Michael Spillane’s Family Fun Day

My mate, sometimes mentor, sometimes client, Michael Spillane, (together with his colleague Anthony Davis,) pulled off a phenomenal event, and instantly created ‘Local Hero’ status within the community.

Firstly check out the video.

So instead of countless hours of prospecting, doing what many other trainers and supposed experts out there might be saying, doing cold calls, door knocking and trying to build rapport with a community by offering ‘free appraisals’ Michael decided to bring the community to him, and do something where simply by the nature of the activity, automatically built rapport. (And that is NOT achieved by interrupting dinner, with a phone call or door knock offering a, wait for it and bait your nreath, a ‘free appraisal’ (just like has been offered by every other real estate agent in the area).

Look at the various things Michael had at this event, and look at the response from his community. He even supported the ‘Make A Wish’ charity, and had a few tender moments with community members talking about their exeriences with the make a wish people, and the impact that organisation has had on kids in their lives.

It was fun, entertaining (check out the good looking guitar player/singer in the video above. Familiar?) and very affordable, and the kids and adults alike had a blast, so Michael truly did look like a champion in the eyes of his community. (and of course Anthony Davis, it was a joint effort. These guys pulled off a phenomenal event)

For more info on what Michael did exactly, how he did it etc, do get in touch with me, as this is exactly the type of ‘Out of the Box’ thinking and implementation that comes from our coaching groups !!

Lock n Load ‘Local Heroes’

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