Is Glenn Twiddle a Real Estate Purple Cow?

What an exercise this has been. I have learnt so much in the last few months about marketing it really is staggering. (this is going to seem like it’s all abut me, but there’s a payoff for you I promise)

Many well wishing colleagues and even some of my competition felt it their calling to help save me from myself, by saying I should make my marketing more ‘professional’ and stop doing the crazy outrageous stuff as it is hurting my business.

I know they are coming from a place of genuine concern, and it was difficult for me to come to this conclusion, but for me and my business, their opinion is wrong.

My best EVER webinar, was 150 people, and the most recent webinar, the Real Estate Smackdown, when I decided to ignore the ‘Professional’ advice, It has had over 600 people register four it. Yes, that’s 5 times my personal best, and from what I’m told, my PB was no slouch to begin with.

And the recent ‘Heavy Artillery’ event, not only a personal best with 612 agents in the room but a record for a public Qld sales event (until AREC in May comes along and kicks my butt!!!! visit for tickets)

Point is, in a market that is becoming ever more crowded (just like yours) my businesses is increasing while others shrink directly because of this ‘outrageous’ style of marketing I employ.

So, your payoff, I’m not saying you should do exactly what I do, I’m saying you should be noticable, push the boundaries (within legal and ethical boundaries) and really, if you haven’t read the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin, click this link, read it, and live it !!! I do every day !!! (live it, not read it, haha)

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  1. Glenn Twiddle

    Cheers Mat, I aspire to have your level of authenticity mate. I tell ya, I’ve learned more since meeting you about that exact topic that has let me be brave enough to tread in some waters where I may not have before.

    In the middle of reading ‘Power of Full Engagement’ that you recommended and if I can attain that level of balance, coupled with the ‘Purple Cow’ philosophy, man, that will be a ‘Utopia’ worth striving for!!!

    Glenn Twiddle
    Real Estate Training

  2. Alex Glen-Holmes

    The reason that I keep in touch with you where I have not kept touch with other trainings that I have been to is that you are “real”. You don’t coat everything in sweetness and BS. You tell it how it is and I appreciate that. Too many trainers and agents for that matter seem to have trouble telling it as it is especially to their clients which is why agents get a bad reputation. If all the BS was stopped and agents started being honest with people and telling it straight they will find that their bottom line will increase asthey develop more trust. Keep up the good work and keep telling it like it is.

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