Informal vs formal marketing communication

Every time I send out an email to my list, I must get one (mostly very well meaning) message from someone advising me they don’t like my ‘informal’ use of conversational, meaning INCORRECT, grammar, dangling participles and misspelled use of words like ‘ya’ or ‘u’ instead of ‘you’, ‘gonna’ instead of ‘going to’ and the list goes, on, you get my point. I type, how I talk.

I appreciate people wanting to help me with my marketing, but here is a recent response I sent to a very well meaning bloke, that kind of exaplins my position and reason, and why maybe, just maybe, this principal might also work in the business of a listing and selling Real Estate agent.

Hi ____,

Apologies, and yes, if poor grammar and sentence structure would annoy you, then similar informal language at my live events would almost certainly annoy you in the same way.

I must say, finding a way to not throw out the message, which has seen multiple six figure and seven figure earners as a direct result of the information, would be wise counsel.

Have a look at this web training from one of my webinar events, this is one way to see if my style, as informal as it is, might be tolerable, but if the answer is a resounding ‘no’ then I simply wish you all the best, and my colleagues Michael Sheargold, Josh Phegan or Lee Woodward should suit you. Though they are very, very different in what they teach, they are all very good trainers.

Here’s the web training of mine if you’d like to have a look. But thanks for your feedback.


PS – Please understand, my informal wording is very much done deliberately. As a consumer, my potential clients (including you) have dozens of distracting emails, sms’s, postal mail, etc trying to get your attention every day, and if I used the same, boring, professional tone as all of those other messages, I would get ignored.  The fact that my message, as informal as it is, actually got read by you, is the reason my coaching program is the fastest growing in the country, and there may be a lesson or two for your business as well. If your target market see you as the same ole, same ole, ‘professional’ as all of your competitors, then in their eyes, you may as well be invisible.

Thanks all the same for your reply though Max, it is appreciated.

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