Advanced Hypnotic Selling Copywriting Seminar

As I mentioned the other week, I have managed to, against all odds, nail down a morning with someone whose very words normally command thousands of dollars per hour for his time, and command tens (or hundreds) of thousands from the public in the way of sales.  

My brother met Bret, and called him ‘The Word Man’ inspired by the greatest rock movie of all time, Eddie and the Cruisers, but that’s another discussion. The fact is, Bret’s words are worth their weight in gold, and….


This guy is so good, that Mal Emery, who we had that day with last month, who himself is one of the best copywriters in the world, himself worth thousands of dollars a day, well, Mal FIRED HIMSELF when he saw how good Bret was, and said to himself, ‘Why should I do it myself when this guy is at least as good as me?’  

So the fact is, spending a few hours with Bret Thomson will add money into your bank account. He has done this as a favour to me, and I owe him big time for this, and I have gone into this debt to Bret, on your behalf, because I KNOW that every one of us will benefit from Bret’s knowledge.  


Bret has offered a service to our group, that he will, ON THE FLY, in the room, allow you to peek over his shoulder into his thought process on how he crafts his message to your market, and he will even.   There is also a prize for the fast movers. For the first 5 people to grab their tickets, you can email, fax or post me your ad, preferably a lead generating ad, and Bret will critique it, and get it up to his standard….   FOR FREE !!!

If there’s any time left he will get to the rest, but first in best dressed, to email me their ad (or just email me quick, and bring your ad with you on the day), and Bret will work his ‘WORD MAGIC’ for you.   Here’s the details  

Diana Plaza Hotel 
12 Annerley Road 
Woolloongabba Qld 4102
Telephone (07) 3391 2911

 Thursday 15th October 2009 – 8.30am resistration, for a 9am SHARP start.

  Click HERE to register,

and then email me your ad to my email address below and see if you’re one of the ads Bret will work his ‘Word Magic’ on.  

And as always, I will have a pocket full of cash, and if you don’t believe that your investment of time and money was worth every penny, then I will reach into my pocket and pay you DOUBLE your money back.


 0400 466 371  

PS – here’s a few testimonials from other events I have put on showing how thoroughly impressed they were with the event. – A Testomial Video – more thoroughly happy clients including a lovely young lady, 20 years old, was on reception 2 months ago, entered sales, used the techniques I trained her in, and last week had a full page of seller paid advertising in her major paper. WOW !!!    

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