Free Real Estate Training Day – Merry Christmas

Hey guys, yes, it’s that time of year when your competitors start thinking about their holidays and having time off and you start planning your domination strategy for 2013.

Well, to help with that process (and to have a Jack or ten) we are having what will start off as the best training day (and it’s FREE) I’ve done to date, I hope, haha. And will probably end for a few of us at a bar somewhere sharing war stories.

Anyway, I’m going to just share with you who’ll be joining us. A bunch of my clients, who’ve had a winning year, to share with you what they did differently to their competition to outperform them. Will be a great day, and a great way to finish off a great yet challenging year.

Here’s the line up

Michael Spillane
Out of over 100,000 Real Estate agents in the WORLD, Michael Spillane is about to enter the top 10, and no, not selling multi million dollar penthouses, but selling Mum and Dad residential homes half an hour North of Brisbane.

He is a MASTER of outrageous, disruptive advertising, impersonating Richie Benaud, James Bond, even The Wiggles in his property video marketing campaigns. But at the same time, he’s a ruthless negotiator once the fun and games has ended. Michael will train you to do the same in his full presentation.

Michael hasn’t spoken or trained publicly in over 6 years. This is seriously a once only opportunity not to be missed.


Aaron Sansoni

Known as ‘The Sales King’ for very good reason. Having trained salespeople around the biggest stages in the world, training on the same stages as Richard Branson and other headliners, Aaron is as good as they get when it comes to converting the leads that your marketing has generated.

Business is a combination of both marketing and conversions, and if either one of these parts is lacking, the business suffers. Aaron will single handedly end that suffering.

He has a long trail of success stories in 4 continents and has been at the Sales and Marketing Coaching and Consulting forefront for over a decade.

Aaron has trained and coached thousands of business owners and sales professionals from across many industries, helping them break through and achieve phenomenal results.

His training has generated tens of millions of dollars for the people and companies he has coached.

Chris Gilmour
Most of you know the ‘Phenom’ that has been Chris Gilmour over the last few years. Innovator of using video in marketing properties, his business has been expanding in the midst of the worst property market in decades, and he’s about to be a Dad for the first time.

Chris will go through recent changes in his business, tweaks on his success strategies, plus he’ll go over his best business growing strategies that has seen him a million dollar performer for the past two years, and he’s only been in the industry 4 years. Amazing success story !! Required listening for any young, or young at heart agent, wanting to succeed.


Andrew Reibelt

Andrew is a complete dark horse. If you haven’t heard of Andrew, don’t be surprised. He quietly dominates his market out in Redcliffe, has been a seven figure earner for several years, and now is involved in mentoring his young, vibrant team at Realway, in his own office and for his brand.

He’s one of the first to embrace video marketing before any of us even knew it was the way forward. But his real value for you will be his attitude. His discipline, you will see after spending some time with him, is exceptional, and he’s a shining example of what it takes to have success coupled with longevity in this business, which is a rare compination indeed, just like Andrew.



Edgar Natolo

Who is he? He’s a CHAMPION ! Edgar recently wowed audiences across the country joining Chris and I in both Sydney and Adelaide. Edgar is the ‘Million Dollar Agent’ challenge who threw down the gauntlet to achieve something he hadn’t done before, and that’s crack a million dollars in commissions, with the world watching !

Edgar’s talk will leave you understanding more of what makes a successful agent tick including his unique video marketing chops, his accountability structures he has in place, plus his social media use which has so far seen in excess of $100,000 from Facebook alone.


& of course lil ole ME….

I’ll share with you many of the strategies I learned over in the states as well as my biggest learnings working in the trenches with successful clients, and ones that we took from struggling to successes and what we did to do it !!

[headline_arial_extra_large_centered color=”#000000″]Register FREE here[/headline_arial_extra_large_centered] (we have to buy lunch in bulk, so that’s the only charge – $21 a head)

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