Finally, an email databasing program that suits….

I recently sent this out to my email list so I thought I’d copy it to my blog so the world can get told about these guys.

See here’s the thing, unless you are keeping your clients in a place where you can actively contact them every week, month or whatever, then you don’t have a business, you have a promotion. And with a promotion you must constantly prospect, advertise, pay telemarketers or whatever to ensure you continually have clients.

With a business you pay once and cry once, but every time you get a new client, they go into the system and get marketed to until the day they die or the day you die.

In fact, no matter what your business, but especially real estate, you pay the money up front to get em, then all the money of any subsequent sales, minus your out of pocket cost of the particular transaction is PROFIT. Such a simple premise but it is lost on so many agents and agencies.

Like most businesses, all the pain (cost) is in the acquisition of the client, prospect, whatever, and all the profit is in the back end, in the form of repeat and referral business.

So here’s a coipy of the email I sent out to my inner circle, and you can now have a look at this company too…..

 Just a quick note to anyone in my work outlook that I needed to tell you I’ve done us both a favour.

I looked EVERYWHERE for a decent email program to send out emails to people. Outlook is very limited not by outlook itself but by your service provider that will only allow you to send very few (in my case only a few hundred) emails a month. Nowhere near enough for a successful career in any sort of marketing.

I scoured the country (and the rest of the net) for a decent one, and finally got put onto this one by a champion girl called Kirsty Dunphey and if you don’t have her books, you gotta get at least one of them, and get on her free mailing list. (google her, you’ll find her). Anyway here’s the link to that cheap bulk emailing program…. 

(cut and paste if link isn’t active in your email prog)

Anyway, here’s the link to get a free trial of these guys. I signed up and this is my first mail with them, (so again make sure you unsubscribe below if you don’t want a good tip or some free training or whatever from time to time, like this email, I don’t want to annoy anyone who doesn’t want to hear from me)

Good to chat, shoot me back a reply or call anytime if you need anything. That link again

Talk soon,


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