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Hi all and welcome,
This is my first attempt at this weird little thing called blogging, so I hope my thoughts, insights, tips and occasional rambling will be of some interest to someone out there.
I guess first off, for those who don’t know me, allow me introduce myself and a little history.
I’m Glenn Twiddle, and currently I’m a sales trainer, hypnotist, NLP practitioner (whatever that is….seriously, more to come on the definition of that, or more importantly, the distinction between that and being a hypnotist, as I’m yet to really draw the line where one starts and the other stops…that being said I don’t know where to draw the line between the two of them and just being a good communicator, but that’s a discussion for another post), see what I mean, I may go off on a few tangents from time to time, but that’s ok, we’ll get where we need to go in the end.
I also moonlight as a singer/guitarist affectionately (or not) known as ‘Homer’ and I can be found churning out the rock at various venues around SE Qld on most weekends.
The cool thing is that I get paid quite well to do the things that I genuinely love doing, and would probably do even if there was no money in it. If they didn’t pay me to play I’d still do gigs, they are fun for me. Ok, the lugging in of a PA and gear etc isn’t a picnic, but the playing bit, that I often do for free when I go see other musicians like my mate, Nik Phillips.
If they didn’t pay for sales training, I’d probably still help out sales people from time to time. Ok, I might not teach compliance and law skills at the Real Estate Institute of Qld (REIQ) like I do now, but I’d still help out with the real skills.
And hypnosis, if they didn’t pay for that, I’d still do it, as the study of how nothing more than linguistic and physiological communication can have such an affect (or is it effect, must find out the difference between those words one day) on another astounds me, and I’ll continute my learning in this field until I leave this mortal plane (still haven’t figured where my beliefs are beyond yet either.)

So there you have it, welcome, subscribe if you feel like keeping up to date and commenting on my ramblings and I hope this blog is of some help to sales people, hypnosis students or clients, real estate people, or just interested friends.

Stay in touch and have fun,

Glenn Twiddle

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