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After training several groups in sales over the past few weeks, I’ve been asked so many times what the one secret is that is the one thing to guarantee real estate sales success.
Well, my friend Pat Mesiti, who I will talk into guest blogging before too long, inspired me to reply that there isn’t any one thing. But if I had to pick one, (and this I mentioned today at the REIQ), it is the ongoing education, reading, listening to cd’s, podcasts, etc with a view to adding to your education in your field.
So this is a commencement of a discussion to give some book reports of what you’ve learned from whatever books you’ve read, CD programs you’ve listened to, etc.
Feel free to post a short synopsis, recomendation, or a full blown review of something you’ve learned and share it with a community of fired up, intelligent, and hungry sales people all wanting to better their career.
And I’ll start by mentioning my friend Pat Mesiti again. Pat has taught me a bunch as a member of his Millionaire Mindset Club. And his guest speakers have certainly been top notch. One of Pat’s things is

If you use this (point to head)
Touch this (hand on heart)
You’ll get this (rub fingers together in a sign of $$$’s)

And I firmly am with him on this. Over the years I have helped so many people get what they want, and someone once said (don’t know who to quote here) but if you help enough people get what they want, you will always get everything you want and more. And I love that I am seeing the fruits of that attitude right now. I am living the high life in that I get paid really well to do things that I would do anyway if there was no money in it. Training people, ok, while I may not train some of the subjects I train at the REIQ to do with law etc, but I would train people in communication, sales, hypnosis, etc if there wasn’t great money in it (luckily for me there is). I would still practice and teach hypnosis if it was for free (again, luckily it pays darn well), and as for playing drunken guitar gigs, well, enough said.
So a big thanks to
Pat, Joe Vitale, Anthony Robbins, Michael Spillane and others for putting and keeping me on the path.

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Over to you guys……

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