Real Estate rookie knocks on doors in the rain….

I have mentioned this young champion, Ben, in a previous post. Well here’s a cut and paste of an email he sent me recently that will show you guys and girls in real estate the difference between a mediocre earner and a future superstar like Amber Werchon.

‘…. another thing i think you might find interesting. On thursday i spent the best part of four hours doorknocking in the rain. Within five minutes i was soaked through to the skin and freezing but people took pity on me and i actually got one listing and four appointments out of it becaus people wernt treating me with resent like normal but were feeling sorry for me and were inviting me in for coffee.. i thought i would give it a try and it worked..
haha.. Pretty sure people were wondering wat i was doin walking around the streets in the rain, shivering yet with a big smile on my face.. Good fun.

So for you guys saying that listings are tight, a young man with bugger all experience just got 4 appointments and a listing by doing what no one else would be willing to do. Young Ben just mentioned to me that he wanted my latest CD but his boss didn’t want to pay for it (I’ll reserve my comments) so he told me he’d get it on pay day. I told him I’d send him my new one, plus I’ll send him anything I come out with in the future for free, and the first year he earns $250,000 he can buy me a Harley and he agreed.

Man is this the surest bet I’ve ever made. I’ll bet on someone like him ANY DAY. I’ll take it in red Ben. Might take a few years but there’s a spot in my garage saved coz I KNOW he’ll earn $250,000 in his sleep.

Thanks in advance for my shiny Harley mate, your CD’s are on the way.

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