Real Estate Agents, can we think like ‘Lexus’

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After having watched this video, I hope some thoughts have been sparked in you regarding what we can do to have ‘Raving Fans’ in our database rather than just ‘past clients.’
I’ll get the ball rolling with a few ideas to ensure a bunch of raving fans in your database.

– Make your open for inspections absolutely second to none. With the local, suburban office becoming less and less frequented by our clients and customers, it is up to us to take our professionalism and presentation out into the market. The days of simply turning up on a Saturday, opening the front door, pointing at the bedrooms, kitchen benchtops and backyard and expecting people to think of you as THE agent of choice in the area, are gone !!
Way too much of a discussion to complete here (maybe another product needed, but having thoroughly impressive OFI’s is a great tip.)

– Study, study and study. Make the words that come out of your mouth be IMPRESSIVE. Remember, it’s the only product we have, are our words and our ability to use our words to negotiate on behalf of our clients. So study language and how it can be used to influence others and you’ll do very well. Read lots of books on the subject, listen to CD’s and podcasts etc.

– Of course the most obvious tip, is you absolutely MUST BUY Massive Success in Real Estate, the best $50 you’ll ever invest in your career, or I’ll refund every cent. Click the link above and grab it before someone convinces me to put the price up. (I’ve already been advised it’s too cheap!!!)

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