Queensland Real Estate Agents Summit

G’day team,

I’m so excited and fired up to be a part of bringing you the changing face of Real Estate Training here in Queensland.

QREAS (affectionately pronounced ‘curious, cool huh?), is the Queensland Real Estate Agents’ Summit and is here in under two months.

Novemeber 30 and Dec 1 for two jam packed days of commission exploding, midset altering, life changing stuff. And even though it sounds like an oversell, I promise it isn’t. The speakers who are appearing are absolute WORLD CLASS.

Now, the team are wanting to make it so ridiculously priced that there is absolutely no excuse for you not to come, and thank god, many of the speakers are appearing for us for less than their usual costs so we can get this annual event off the ground with a bang.

Check out the website for a run down of the event, and a list of the speakers, but we have a world record holder in fire walking, Success Coach and all round great guy Kurek Ashley, the Millionaire Maker Mal Emery, who is responsible for making more millionaires in this country than any other person, including Packer, ME, and of course I am so fired up I am bringing you my absolute A-game with some of my most closely guarded material, normally I charge $497 for the material I am going to deliver for you….

and what exactly are we going to deliver for you….simple…..

Commissions ON A SILVER PLATTER !!!

The QREAS team have put this baby on for real estate agents, and it has been prepared BY real estate agents. It is what you want, and what you need to make 2010 a killer.

Be there – go to www.qreas.com.au

Here’s an interview summarising a smaller event Mal did with me that was a great sell out success. He will be delivering some of those secrets and much much more in this semanar and he’s just one of the speakers. We have 6 more to blow you away over this fantastic 2 day extravaganza. (and here’s the kicker, if you don’t agree, you get DOUBLE your money back)

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