Joe Vitale outsold using Joe Vitale’s own methods of hypnotic selling !!!

…..And I suspect Joe would be proud.

My program, Massive Success, has just been counted as the number one selling program in the REIQ bookstore in Brisbane Australia. And that includes being up against Joe Vitale’s book, based on P.T. Barnum, called ‘There’s a Customer Born every minute.’

Now, admittedly, I have a home field advantage given that I am from Brisbane and people I teach know my name etc, but that doesn’t stop me being proud of the success my cd series is generating. And that would only happen if the program was worth it’s weight in gold. And the bold, outrageous claim that I make, that if you don’t make a 10,000% return on your investment in this program, that I will refund every cent no questions asked, has yet to not occur for someone who has purchased the product.

I know Joe would be proud that his principals of outrageous marketing, hypnotic selling, and skillful copy-writing are being put to use to great success, and who knows, my students who read this blog, might just re=pay Joe by buying a copy of one of his books and they certainly would be doing themselves a favour by doing just that.

So there you go, Joe Vitale, my thanks for your principals and ideas in making my program outsell yours in my tiny little pond. (of course we all know Joe has outsold me on a global scale by 9,342,864,923,786 %, but that isn’t the point of outrageous marketing now is it???)

So to see what all this fuss is about, click here >>> Real Estate Training Brisbane <<< and grab a copy for yourself with my guarantee that if this product doesn’t return you a 10,000% return on your investment, then it’s yours for free as I’ll return every cent of your investment.

Thanks Joe, (who knows, Joe might even comment on this blog if he Stumble’s upon it….)

 Glenn Twiddle

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