Get into the minds of your community

We think about real estate and getting listings all the time. When do we want a listing? NOW!! YESTERDAY !!!

When does a seller want to list with you? Whenever THEY want. Too often have I seen ‘List with me before Jun 30 and I’ll give you a …..”

Unless the answer is . I’ll give you a HOUSE’ you are not going to change a ‘three months from now’ seller into a ‘i’ll list now’ seller. They will list when they are ready not when you are ready.

You need to get into their hearts and heads a long time before they ‘convert’ to needing a real estate agent and start scouring the internet looking for prices.

Here’s two (out of a possible 100) ways to get in the heads of your area.

1) do NON real estate agent stuff. If they only feel they need a real estate agent for 3 days (before they choose whoever IS top of mind awareness) then market to them as if they do NOT need an agent. Danelle Wiseman just ran a (freezing cold mind you, I was there) “Christmas in July” outdoor movie night and several hundred people rolled up into the park (I did too, haha) and watched a movie, got to know Danelle, win some prizes, etc and watch a movie. She gave them an EXPERIENCE.

I was there and I overheard people talking about Danelle, they got INTO it. So for a few thousand dollars, Danelle is now known and liked , perhaps even trusted, by a few hundred more people than she was. She ran giveaways and raffles in order to take names, and BOOM, she follows up and one sale covers more than the cost of the whole deal. Do you think one sale is going to come out of those hundreds of people? I’d bet my house on it. Others have done Easter promotions, family fun days, movie nights….hell JEsse JAmes even put on a bullride, got thousands of people to attend the Grass Roots ul Ride, and Jesse even RODE A BULL CALLED WIDOWMAKER !! Yup !! Rode the BULL !! and why? To get listings…period.

So there’s strategy one.

2) Be a saturation agent. I’m talking to the guys here for a moment, guys if you rang your lady you were wanting a relationship with, (and you know the relationship I’m talking about) dix months after your successful first date, what are the odds of you getting what you want with one call six months later? NOOOOO, no chance mate.

If you want to be top of mind, you need to be in your clients lives, in multiple media, OFTEN. Not just shoving real estate crud down their throat the whole time, but you need to be there. Use your CRM to do some automation, and learn to be a marketing machine. What to say, when to say it and how to send it to them in multiple media.

No big hard sell here, but if you want two days, covering about a hundred ways to do all this stuff and way more, get to have top of mind awareness in the minds of your consumers, come hang out me, along with a host of other agents who are killing it, and learn to dominate OFFLINE, in the community’s heads and hearts.

(and it’s dirt cheap) Check out the line up at

Line Up includes

– Eric Thomas (world’s #1 speaker !!)
– John McGrath
– MAt Steinwede
– MArcus Chiminello
– Tom Carlin
– Chris Gilmour
– Aaron Shiner
– Phil Harris
– Michael Spillane
– Aaron Sansoni,

plus a bunch of special guests. See you there.

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