Christmas – To work or not to work, that is the real estate question

I have had many guys and girls ask me about working in real estate over the Christmas break. Granted that many solicitors and financiers slow down over this time, so good luck getting a settlement booked for Jan 1.

That being said, given that most real estate agents take the entire time off, then come back mid January and then start making plans for the year, by the time they get their year started it’s February or March and the years 1/4 gone.

I found that the guys who ramp up their listing activities over December with a view to the advertising hitting the ground running they have succeeded in ‘jumping the gun’ and getting a headstart on their ‘holidaying’ competition.

Of course if you are taking some time off, all the luck to you. It is a great time to reflect on what you did well during the year and plan for 2009 to be even bigger, better and more prosperous than ever, while spending less and less time doing so. Becoming efficient as well as highly skilled.

Or, if you had the attitude in 2008 that you wished the market was better as it slowed down a little, then this Christmas break it is ABSOLUTELY INTEGRAL that you find a way to adopt the old Jim Rohn saying,

‘Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better !!’

You can’t control the market, so why bother sooking about it. There were people in late 2008 (and I know because I trained them) who earned over $30,000 per month in a market where HALF OF THE INDUSTRY HAS LEFT OR IS CURRENTLY CONSIDERING IT.

According to Kevin Turner from 4BC’s real estate show, at a recent speaking engagement where I saw him speak, he said that approximately 60% of the salespeople in the industry right now, WILL NOT BE IN 12 MONTHS TIME.

 Make sure this isn’t you or your team. Don’t wish the market was better, wish your team had the skill sets it takes to get Exclusive listings, get them priced correctly to sell, procure the seller paid advertising easily and earn the types of the commission that only the top 20% of salespeople earn. Don’t fight over the dribs and drabs like seagulls on a chip at the beach.

 With regard to the market, don’t tell me there’s no buyers, there’s only incorrect pricing, and inadequate marketing. If you think there’s no buyers, please unsubscribe from my mailing list or do my training – period. I know that sounds harsh, but if that’s what you think you are wrong. I AM A BUYER OF WHATEVER PROPERTY YOU THINK YOU CAN”T SELL, it’s just a matter of price. And there are hundreds of people still looking to buy property in your area every weekend.

So to take the next step in making your team or yourself ‘vaccinated’ against the dangers of the coming year, and be one of the 40% that is left after we see the predicted ‘blood on the streets’ of the coming 12 months.

 Friends, it is up to you. I look forward to hearing about your success plans over the coming months. Firstly, as always, there’s your secret, hidden page with great pricing on my training CD’s.

 Or to take advantage of the package deal for the whole office including

– Every CD, DVD and training product I have ever done, and permission to duplicate it for the whole office

– a morning follow up coaching face to face session with me, email access 

– personal mentoring and guidance for 6 months for the whoile team, and the assurance that your competition don’t get the deal

–  plus the NLP / hypnotic selling seminar next year FOR FREE for the whole team.

All for one low price. Contact me (or get your principal to do so) for more details on that deal.

That’s it for me now guys. Merry Christmas, have a great time with your family. Sent BIG GOALS for 2009 and let’s achieve them together. Remember my goal is a Porsche for free by Easter. That’s a good one, let’s see how I go.

 Glenn Twiddle

Real Estate Training Brisbane

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