A phone script that gets you an appointment

Hi, is (their name here) .
Yes/no/speaking, etc/
Ah, hi (their name), it’s (your name) here.
Has my name been mentioned to you recently / I’m not sure if my name rings a bell….
No problem. The reason for the call today (name) as you may be aware is that (your company) has recently started a brand new way of helping (your suburb/location) home owners with their investments and real estate needs. And we’re offering, as an introduction, completely free, membership to our _______club. Where you can, among other things, (insert best deal here).
What’s your email address and I’ll shoot you through the details?

and a rebuttal….

That’s OK, (name), we’ve found that this is the case with most people even before we rang. The call today (name) is only to offer you the club membership so you can (get the best offer), as of course, most people aren’t sitting around just waiting for companies to call them. What’s a good email address and I’ll send you the details.

For more info on this script and what it’s referring to, it will make more sense once you’ve listened to the ‘Massive Success’ program available at www.glenntwiddle.com.au

Have fun all

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