3 tips to avoid the Global Financial Crisis hurting your business

We are no longer in boom conditions so it is vital that you develop the skills to continue to sell when the others complain about the market.

1. Price must be accurate. Call each of your current listings and get them priced to sell with a well run ‘price adjustment’ meeting. If the owners don’t wish to meet the market price wise, with a well positioned advertising campaign, then do one of two things –

a) put them in your rent roll and look after them with your property management department until the market is ready to meet their price OR

b) refer them to someone else to handle. IF you have someone new in your office who needs the practice, then refer it to them, but if the owners really are unmotivated and overpriced, then refer them to your competition. If they happen to jag a sale, no problem, you still get 20%, but the most likely outcome is you’ll slow them down.

(For more info on this ‘price adjustment meeting’ stay tuned to www.glenntwiddle.com.au for the ‘Recession Buster’ CD and DVD program.)

2. Keep adding to your mailing list using a databasing program. (If you don’t have one yet, here’s a cheap (with a free trial to see if you like it) but very good one click here http://www.icontact.com/a.pl/327537 )

Make sure your clients have heard of you often before you go out and see them. Consistent (but not too often) emails will develop a relationship in the mind of each person, but take very little time on your part to send out emails to your list

3. Take steps to develop ‘Raving Fans’ among your group. See my youtube videos for some tips on what those things might be, but let your imagination run wild. There’s a million things you could do to get the attention of your people. (The ‘Massive Success’ program at my website is dedicated to this and other business creating topics.

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