Free Real Estate Training Day – Merry Christmas

The best training day (and it’s FREE) I’ve done to date, I hope, haha. And will probably end for a few of us at a bar somewhere sharing war stories. Anyway, I’m going to just share with you who’ll be joining us. A bunch of my clients, who’ve had a winning year, to share with you what they did differently to their competition to outperform them. Will be a great day, and a great way to finish off a great yet challenging year.

Rookie smashes it in just four months

Rookie smashes it in just four months
In just four months, this young dynamo has become the second highest lister in his office, second only to the Principal with a 20+ year history.

Social Media for Real Estate

Man, I’m almost sick of hearing those words. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Social Media’ is the present, and the future of Real Estate Marketing, I …

‘Real Estate Rocks’ event in Perth May 7

Perth Real Estate Training – Chris Gilmour and I are really looking forward to it. I’ll be sharing the results of the 18 month long study on the habits, behaviours and systems that awesome real estate agents have, that the 10,000+ who’ve left the industry during the time of my study, did NOT have or do !!!

What was I thinking?

Obviously not much….. Just a quick post, after an insane two days of full on training, I am 100% spent, but this couldn’t wait. I …