Real Estate Video Marketing – Great Example

This Real Estate marketing video had me in tears and I suspect any emotional esponse to a video is better than boring them to death (come on now, you realluy aren’t going to tell me that most real estate promotional material in any way ticks the emotional box…some maybe, but not most)

I still am in two minds whether it’s a good thing to have potential buyers crying tears of empathy for a seller, but I have to say I was moved, and if that makes the property, and the agent memorable, that can’t be a bad thing.

Qld Real Estate Agent Summit – The Wrap

Your comments are in the comments section, have a look below… Overall – Lesson learned, get the best tech crew. My cunning ‘Fat Boy …

QREAS – Speakers an indepth who’s who

It would cost $100,000 PLUS to have this list of trainers, authors, agents and speakers…..Chris Gilmour, Mark Dwyer, Pat Mesiti, Kurek Ashley, Mal Emery and the other experts assembled here to come and mentor you for two full days. They’re yours here for next to nothing.

What will cutting interest rates do? Are we looking at some good news?

You guys know I don’t really follow the actual real estate market, but more how PEOPLE make decisions based on that market. So the whole economics of interest rates and stuff, really I have no idea. But here’s some comments someone sent me re a few of them dropping interest rates…Enjoy…