A question for Joe Vitale….

I have recently left a question for Dr Joe Vitale on his blog at http://blog.mrfire.com/movies/the-leap-movie/#comment-32469

It was kind of asking (and I don’t think I worded it very well) him to respond to my spirituality vs the unconscious mind that I outlined in my last post (link here)

Joe Vitale / The Secret vs the Skeptics

I really look forward to hearing how Joe responds to my ‘less spiritual, more scientific explanation of ‘The Secret’ and other similar movies that tell us that the universe magically delivers to us things we focus on, believe, want etc. Whereas my opinion is that our unconscious mind changes US and we move towards the thing, object, whatever, as opposed to the universe being a magical genie that delivers us toys. Again, last post explains a little better I think.

I have learned so much from Joe about being a marketer I really hope he responds to this question and see if the Law of Attraction could, in his opinion, be interpreted this way.

Let’s see…..

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  1. Glenn Twiddle

    Joe did leave a comment on his blog, and here’s his response, so my eternal thanks to him for taking the time. Thanks mate…..

    Joe Vitale says
    Hi Glenn.

    You’re right.

    This is what I describe in my audioprogram The Missing Secret.

    The Law of Attraction works on the un-conscious level, not conscious.

    Of course, your un-conscious is part of the collective un-conscious, so you can influence the planet by your desires. But the power is in the un-consious. That’s the driver, and most of us are oblivious to what’s in there. We’re robots. That’s why we need to awaken (which is the subject of my next audio program, The Awakening Course).

    It all appears to be “magic” but can be broken down and explained. That doesn’t make it any less wonderful, though.

    I still believe in magic and miracles, but only because the unconscious and our connection to the collective unconscious is mind-boggingly huge and powerful and capable of what most of us call impossible.

    However you look at it, you and I are capable of far more than we have achieved so far — with or without “magic.”


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